Take a Virtual Tour of Disneyland & Ride!

Needing some Disney magic at home?Β  If you are needing some Disneyland (or any Disney park) during all of this crazy home quarantine stuff, we have a special treat for you today!

As Disney park fanatics, we love going to the parks and taking in all of the Disney magic that we can absorb . . . but as you know, the parks are closed.Β  Right now, there is no chance to get that real-life “Disney fix” (plus you cannot even watch current Disney park videos from your favorite vloggers). 😒

We came across a YouTuber and incredible Minecraft builder named Mouskegamer that has put together hours of Disneyland entertainment for you!

Immersive video, park audio with many, many POV rides that you can ride!

First let’s stroll through at Main Street:

Splash Mountain:

Space Mountain:

Peter Pan’s Flight:

Astro Orbiter:

Matterhorn (right side):

Alice in Wonderland:

The Haunted Mansion:

Haunted Mansion Holiday:

Pirates of the Caribbean

Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye:

Snow White’s Scary Adventures:

Big Thunder Mountain:


Let us know in the comments if any of those rides satisfied your Disney cravings! πŸ˜ƒ

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