What Makes the Gran Fiesta Tour Special? (when it’s not so special)

Gran Fiesta TourWhen our family’s at Epcot, we probably ride the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros at least twice during every vacation.  While this classic World Showcase boat ride in the Mexican Pavillian could be considered “lame” by many people, there is just something about this ride experience that makes it very special.  

Maybe it’s the pyramid-shaped Mexico Pavilion building.  Maybe it’s the feeling of walking into a nighttime scene in an old Mexican village (the fountain, the shops, or the cast members).  Maybe it’s the smell of the food from the San Angel Inn Restaurante.  Maybe it’s the archway leading into the restaurant. 

Maybe it’s the volcano in the distance, the glowing lava with the dark royal blue and navy blue sunset sky backdrop. Maybe it’s the smell of the water from the boat ride (the bromine used to sanitize the water). Maybe it’s the “small world vibe” with a Mexican twist.  Maybe it’s Donald Duck singing with Panchito and José.  Maybe it’s the memories from past family vacations. 

While I cannot put my finger on just one thing that makes it seem special & nostalgic, I would have to say that it would be the combination of the features listed that makes the ride special to us!

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