Jungle Cruise Refurbishment Coming Soon

Disneyland & Walt Disney World will be changing the Jungle Cruise.  Floating around through the jungle and listening to your skipper crack jokes has always been fun, but many feel that something new is much needed for this opening day attraction.

New Jungle Cruise Totem Pole

Disney Parks Blog says that they want this attraction to be able to “better reflect the value and diversity of the world around us.”  (Basically meaning that they want to change any of the negative depictions of native people).

Besides getting rid of the negative aspects of the ride, Disney will be incorporating a whole new storyline that ties the jungle scenes together and adds new scenes (such as a family of chimps moving into an abandoned boat). 😃

Overall, I feel that changes to the ride have been long overdue.  A better storyline and better animatronics will make the ride feel like a “must-do” attraction and not just something that you could skip if you were short on time (especially since you’ve probably already done it many times before).

Jungle Book Changes

Kevin Lively, a former Skipper and the current Disney Imagineer who wrote the updates, explains the changes in this video below:


New Jungle Cruise Chimps

Disney said the updates are unrelated to the upcoming “Jungle Cruise” film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt and that the new animatronics to be added will not represent the movie’s characters.

What do you think about the upcoming changes? Comment below!


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